Soft 16 Layers PVE Stab Resistant Vest - General Size


NIJ0115.00 Soft 16 Layers PVE Stab Proof/Stab Resistant/Anti-Stab Vest General Size

Size Chart

Size Available Height
General Size 155cm-195cm  

Standard: NIJ 0115.00 qualified with a protection of level I.


  • NIJ Level I, resist the attack of icepicks, syringes and other sharp objects.
  • 16-Layers soft PVE fiber
  • Integrated with EVA anti-shock cotton, lessen the impact power
  • Can be hidden under a coat
  • Density of protective material:<2.8KG/m²
  • Single layer density:184g/m²
  • More comfortable to wear with the high elasticity
  • Fit different body shapes well

Weight: 2.1KG

Defense Level: 

NIJ 0115.00 Level 1
EN ISO 14876-4 Level 1
GA 08-2008
(Impenetrable on the strike energy ≤E1 (24J) & E2 (36J))


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